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Oakmont elections results

The future of Oakmont’s central area is expected to become a major topic of discussion over the coming months after new board elections returned two incumbents to office, along with challengers.

Jess Marzak, the new board president, said he plans to move ahead with his campaign pledge to “lead a community discussion about the issues surrounding the Berger Center.”

“The only way to resolve these issues is through a series of community meetings where facts are presented, questions are asked, and thoughts are expressed about how to resolve unavoidable differences of opinion,” Marzak said.

He thanked the voters for their support, saying he “will try to maintain the high standards of leadership established by [former board presidents] Tom Kendrick and Steve Spanier.”

Also elected at the April 4 vote were Jeff Neuman, Marianne Neufeld, and Iris Harrell. In addition to selecting Marzak as president at its first meeting, existing board member Mark Randol was elected vice president. Harrell was named secretary.