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Bird for fun and for a cause

Events for bird lovers May 2 through May 8
Bird for fun and for a cause
A Spotted Towhee.Photo by Ken Wilson


By Carolyn Greene

The Oakmont Birding Buddies invite all bird lovers to join a week of spring birding to learn about local avian species and to support “Bird-A-Thon” (BAT), Sonoma County Madrone Audubon’s only fundraiser of the year.

Sonoma Valley resident and migratory birds are brightly singing right now, donning their finest plumage, building nests and raising their next generation. More than 400 bird species have been recorded in Sonoma County, and the Oakmont Birding Buddies will be observing as many as they can during this one week.

There are three ways to participate. Report all species observed in your yard or neighborhood between May 2 and 8. Join the Oakmont Birding Buddies for two birding events: Tuesday, May 3 (Willowside/Santa Rosa Creek) and/or Wednesday, May 4 (Kenwood, Oakmont & Spring Lake). All areas of experience are welcome on these trips! Bird lovers can also make a financial donation to “Madrone Audubon – BAT.”

Last year, amateur birders observed 76 species and raised $1,600, and Oakmont Birding Buddies is aiming for at least 80 species and $2,000 in 2022. Species expected include waterbirds, hawks, owls, hummingbirds, woodpeckers, flycatchers, vireos, jays, swallows, wrens, bluebirds, warblers, sparrows, grosbeaks, orioles, and finches.

All funding is retained by Madrone Audubon, supporting local education and conservation programs such as the Lincoln School Bird Festival/9th St. Heron Rookery, the Bird Rescue Center, classroom materials, local conservation advocacy, and free community birding field trips.

A new use of funds this year will be an effort to support two Sonoma State University Environmental Studies students who will serve on the local Audubon Board and thus be exposed to important local conservation efforts and careers.

This will be a great opportunity to learn about local birds, meet other birders, and support important conservation efforts. All observations will be posted to iNaturalist and eBird, as an important part of our local citizen science effort documenting the health of bird populations.

For information, please email, call or text Carolyn Greene, [email protected], (805) 443-7289, Madrone Audubon BAT Volunteer Coordinator.