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Digging Our Roots

Moran-Goodman Regional Park
Digging Our Roots


Submitted by Glen Ellen Historical Society

Here’s a little historical background to the April 1 Kenwood Press edition of Emily and Oz Robledo’s fine Glen Ellen Telegram column.

Since its beginnings, Glen Ellen has long attracted people who bring a desire to improve, support, and enhance their community — just plain, simple folk who care deeply about what is happening in and around their town. An example of this communitymindedness is the birth of the Moran-Goodman Park in the Sonoma Glen Circle neighborhood, just south of the Sonoma Developmental Center in Glen Ellen.

Following is the story of its inception, as told by Pat Moran, onehalf of those named in recognition for the park: “Moran-Goodman Park is a neighborhood pocket park featuring a small playground with swings and slide, picnic tables with a barbecue grill, and lawns. It is located east of Arnold Drive, south of the Sonoma Developmental Center, in a residential area, at 980 Sonoma Glen Circle.

“The creation of this park, which has the distinction of being the smallest park in the Sonoma Regional Parks system, came about in the mid-1980s through the efforts of Friends of Glen Ellen members Patrick Moran and Donny Goodman, and others. They proposed to the Board of Supervisors that the developer, in lieu of one home in a proposed small residential development of new homes, provide an accessible park for the neighborhood instead.

“Moran and Goodman pointed out, successfully, to the supervisors that (at that time) the only park-like public recreational settings for families in that section of the Valley of the Moon were located at Dunbar School and Larson Park, both of which were miles away and not easily accessible to those living in the Eldridge section of Glen Ellen.”

Just plain, simple folk can and do make a difference! Be one of them! And talk to your supervisors!