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Letters To the Editor

To the Editor,

The notion that settlement funds received from the Fire Victim Trust are taxable is ridiculous. Almost nobody came out financially ahead, and few would choose losing everything as a means to “earn” money. I thank Mike Thompson for putting forth legislation to reverse the taxation position. Almost anybody in the USA could experience this type of loss from a natural calamity, be it an earthquake, a tornado, a flood, a hurricane, etc. Where is Jared Huffman on this? His silence is deafening.

Gary McClernan Kenwood, Nuns Canyon Fire survivor To the Editor,

Bravo to Elisa Stancil Levine on her very informative letter!

It seems very basic. The Developmental Center property should be cleaned up and paid for by the state prior to Sonoma County accepting the property. Having discussions about housing and traffic seem very premature since it will take years to eliminate the toxic materials located there.

For example, it was estimated it would cost $100 million to clean the Presidio in San Francisco, but it ended costing $200 million! Sonoma County can’t afford such a gift until the state accepts its responsibility!

Susan Olness, Sonoma