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Morton’s Warm Springs pools likely shut for this season

Owners evaluate options for the future

Morton’s Warm Springs pools, a Sonoma Valley respite from summer heat for decades, will almost certainly be closed for the entire 2022 season — and faces some serious questions about its future.

Despite bouncing back from the COVID-19 pandemic for a banner summer season in 2021, Morton’s is contending with both permitting issues and the fallout of a botched resurfacing of its pools. Morton’s May 1 opening has been canceled.

“We’re in a pickle,” said co-owner Sean Wadsworth, “And we don’t yet have the answers.”

Heading into this summer, Morton’s required a long overdue resurfacing of its pools.

Unfortunately, the firm hired to handle the work created mayhem.

“[The contractor] had good reviews online and said he had 35 years in the business,” said Morton’s co-owner Laurie Hobbs. “But [the project] went south right away.”

“After firing the contractor, we realized he was working with a sham license,” said Hobbs. “The contractor’s attempts to complete the work actually caused more damage to the pools, resulting in additional unplanned expense before the resurfacing even started … We are devastated to make the decision to cancel the season.”

Wadsworth and Hobbs are actively working on creating a sustainable plan for the future of the resort.

“We hope to find ways for people to enjoy the site at some point during the summer, but the pools will be closed for now.”