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FEED bins come to Oakmont

By Yvonne Horn

In the early morning on May 10, cardboard boxes filled with freshly harvested produce grown by the area’s independent farming community were wheeled into the Oakmont Central Activity Center’s lobby and stacked into a corner for subscriber pickup. The arrival of the boxes, FEED bins, marked the first of the community’s regularly scheduled Tuesday morning deliveries.

FEED bins are packed and delivered by FEED Sonoma, California’s first employee- and farmer-owned cooperative. Produce for the bins are sourced from fifty-plus area growers, all of whom are either certified organic or follow organic and regenerative practices. Boxes are distributed through hubs; Oakmont is the newest on the list.

Bins are available in two sizes, with subscriptions available for weekly, biweekly, or as-needed delivery. On May 10, the ohana, the largest FEED bin, contained the season’s first strawberries, sugar snap peas, micro greens, bunching greens, artichokes, orange carrots, fava beans, red butter lettuce, culinary herbs, and baby turnips. The keiko, a smaller size, contained three fewer items. The cost of a subscription for the ohana is $38.50 per box. The keiko is $28.50 per box.

To learn more about FEED Sonoma and set up a subscription, visit feedsonoma. com.