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Crime Watch

The following are some of the reports collected from the Glen Ellen and Kenwood area by the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office.

April 2 A caller from Sonoma Highway in Kenwood contacted the Sheriff because a man in a blue puffy jacket was on their property talking on the phone. The caller asked the man what he was doing and the man responded “talking on the phone.” The caller felt this was odd because there are rarely people in that neighborhood traveling on foot.

April 3 A caller living in a residence near Highway 12 in Glen Ellen reported that someone was banging on their front door and looking in the windows. The person was unknown to the caller. The caller told the sheriff ’s dispatcher that the person had driven away while they were on the phone, but didn’t see what type of vehicle the person was driving. Dispatch advised that if the person came back, the caller should call back.

April 10 A resident of Gibson Street reported they heard people screaming and yelling and were concerned that the episode may escalate into an altercation.

April 11 A woman walking on the former campus of the Sonoma Developmental Center reported that a man with an aggressive unleashed dog had approached her. She asked the man to leash his dog, and he refused. The man yelled at her, and the two exchanged profanities. The man then accused the woman of parking illegally and crawled under her car as if he was going to damage it. At one point during the exchange the women unholstered a can of mace. She told the Sheriff that she didn’t spray the man, she just sprayed mace in the direction of the man. The Sheriff turned the matter over to the Eldridge police.

April 17 A resident of Marty Drive reported that his bicycle had been stolen and the person who he suspected had taken the bike had returned and was disassembling another bike in front of the resident’s house.

April 17 A caller from Glen Ellen reported they had responded to a Craigslist ad to purchase a car. Rather than discuss the car, the seller threatened to do inappropriate things to the caller. The Sheriff suggested the caller report the incident to Craigslist.

April 20 A caller from Cecilia Drive reported that a man was knocking on the door and stating that he lived there. The caller told the knocker that he did not. The knocker was familiar to the caller, who told him through the ring camera that he was at the wrong house and actually lived down the street.