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Flour and Bloom cakes opens in Jack London Village Red velvet wishes and fondant dreams come true in creek-side “cake lab”


Paul Goguen

The first thing that came to mind as I walked into the newly opened Flour and Bloom space in the Jack London Village is that I shouldn’t be here. That is because this place is set up to make serious cakes for discerning clients, not retail. The mixer looks like a drill press, the oven looks robotic, and the wall of commercial fridges reminds me of Canada (brrrrr). Paint brushes and bottles of food coloring dot the landscape of the stainless-steel center island where professional manipulations of flour, eggs, salt, and fat are ingested by the robot oven followed by custom fondant and decoration beyond belief.

Started in a Napa shared commercial kitchen in 2018, Flour and Bloom is the product of a collaboration between Ora Beth Mika and Curt Yamada. Mika, a classically trained pastry chef, honed her craft working at various Northern California bakeries and eventually made it to a Food Network baking competition, which she won. Yamada has over 20 years of baking and decorating experience as well as a Master of Fine Arts degree in film and television production. Visuals matter, and it shows in the finished product.

Flour and Bloom does over 350 events per year and makes cakes for everyone from bridezillas and the men who love them, to creations for folks with the fanciest of pants including the Getty family and other celebs who would probably be mad if we listed their names. They have a policy of personally delivering each cake that they create, which on one occasion required a flight to Italy. Personally, I have only seen cake fly in the cafeteria of my high school, so this was an interesting perspective on cake flight. They also have a tasting room of which we do not have enough of around here. Tastings are by appointment only and the only notes of nuanced flavors and aromas you will experience will be from cake, not chardonnay.

Flour and Bloom is located at 14301 Arnold Drive in the Jack London Village. Contact them at [email protected] or give them a call at (707) 681-1993. Cake aficionados rejoice as there is no need to go to New Jersey for a cake boss because we now have two in our own valley.


Business Beat
The Flour and Bloom cake tasting room in the Jack London Village. Photo by Paul Goguen


Business Beat
A beautifully decorated cake is ready for delivery at Flour and Bloom in Glen Ellen. Photo by Paul Goguen