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Dunbar Tradition Revival

Dunbar Tradition Revival
Photo by Tracy Salcedo

For decades, Dunbar Elementary School has celebrated the end of the school year with Field Day, where scholars are freed from the responsibilities of the classroom to play games on the expansive field behind the campus proper, work up a nice, healthy sweat, and then get a good dousing from local firefighters. The tradition has been on hold for several years due to the drought and pandemic, but was revived this year with the help of Dunbar alum Japen Soto-Pomeroy, now a captain with the Kenwood Fire Department.

Captain Soto-Pomeroy, a veteran of the traditional Field Day soaking from the student perspective, expertly manned the nozzle atop the engine and delightfully but sparingly drenched Dunbar’s students and staff, mindful of ongoing drought conditions. The end-of-school celebrations also included awards presentations for scholars in all grades and promotion of Dunbar’s fifth-graders, an exceptional family of young people bonded as survivors of wildfire and distance learning. You’ve got this, Class of 2022. Congratulations.