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The Cosmological Letter

The Cosmological Letter

The itinerant 16th-century European physician and scholar known to history as Paracelsus Magnus has returned once again to our Valley, as he does four times each year, his cart drawn by his constant familiar and trusty donkey Ananiüs, breaking the boundaries of time to inform us about the season that lies ahead.

I greet you with great hope and felicitation, for although the times ahead may occasion some concern and tribulation, the stars still offer solace as well, and most pleasant diversion. The horoscope for this coming season is drawn for the moment of the Solstice, as the Sun crosses the threshold of the season quite early in the morning of Tuesday, June 21st. Close consideration of this map shows all planets ascending, eagerly rising in the east, and none retiring.

The Sabian Symbol for the Ascendant, which prefigures the nature of the entire season, is “A large audience is seen rejoicing in some disillusionment to which it has just been subjected.” This tells of much better, although never easier, days ahead for those who are able to discern fundamental truths that had been concealed by disingenuous conspiracies. Cosmic Pluto leads all other planets in this ascent, as that Greater and Deeper Authority available to those who would attend upon His counsel.

The following day Venus leaves her stolid Taurean home in search of adventure in Gemini. Quiescent hearts are known to stir themselves and become restless during soft summer evenings, and to wander where curiosity and appetite go rather than keep to the narrow disciplines of tradition: Be alert for exciting opportunities, yet be aware of attendant risks for the entire following week.

There is a New Moon setting with the Sun in Cancer during the evening of June 28th, and all the planets will then be below the horizon while Neptune slips into a pensive retrogradation. This is a time when still waters will run quite deep and, although the surface of things may seem sedate, unseen forces will lurk and teem with hazardous chance.

After another week comes the holiday that marks your independence from the monarchies of the Old World: your Fourth of July. Late that evening Mercury and Mars, who have come into a sextile aspect to harmonize their relationship, enter more deliberate signs within moments of one another. Mars leaves his residence in emphatic Aries to become more responsible in Taurus, while Mercury becomes more sensitive and considerate in Cancer; together, for a time, thoughts and emotions may agree and cooperate.

The Full Moon in Capricorn occurs late in the morning of July 13th. While the Sun may dominate the day, the Moon will await the night to flood the skies with her pervasive light. Known by different folk as the Thunder Moon, the Buck Moon, or the Hay Moon, according to the way of the folk, she stands resolute with powerful Pluto in the night sky, across from the daytime fellowship of the Sun and Mercury. The depth of their combined Dionysian, lunar force challenges the heroic solar breadth of Apollonian intention in a compelling confrontation between what we intend to be and what it is that we must ultimately become.

On the Sunday following Venus enters Cancer, and feelings will calm some as the Moon approaches gentle Neptune, in trine aspect to the Sun and Mercury and in sextile to Pluto, easing their long-standing mutual discomfort. Then, Mercury enters Leo on the morning of the 19th, with certain dramatic statements made to astonish the nescient mind, but not those who have been attentive. Be not dismayed by sensationalism.

The second month of summer is called Leo, for that is the sign entered by the Sun on the afternoon of July 22nd. The planets of this horoscope are now on the decline, and the night skies become illumined over the weeks ahead by increasing showers of falling stars, until the end of July, as they will then begin to scatter and to dissipate. Some will fall with long trails from the constellation Aquarius, and others will come from Capricorn farther to the south, where occasional fireballs may also briefly blaze.

Late in the morning of July 28th the Moon will be new in Leo, in happy trine to Jupiter as he begins to retrograde, marking the possibility of inner contentment for those willing to untie their worldly concerns. Meanwhile the most splendid of summer’s meteor showers, the Perseids, approach their peak during the second week of August, before eventually dispersing themselves throughout the following month.

Mercury will have entered Virgo by this time, on August 4th, and can be seen as an evening star named for the Greek hero Prometheus’ lesser known brother Epimetheus, hapless husband of piteous Pandora. Mercury is, however, at home in Virgo, helping the contemplative mind to regard fundamental values and ultimate goals despite the distractions of more immediate yet thankfully transitory frustrations.

The horoscope for the Full Moon in Aquarius, set for early in the evening of August 11th, shows her keeping close to Saturn, ruler of that sign. This would recommend a thoughtful and deliberate approach to events, for their squares to Mars and Uranus in Taurus must still account for certain grievances and grudges. This is therefore a time for diplomacy rather than bellicose opposition.

Venus enters confident Leo that same day, in harmonious sextile with her brother Mars, who enters nimble Gemini on the 20th. It’s always good to see these two agree, for they represent values on the one hand and desires on the other, and when these two are in accord there is always readiness and satisfaction.

The final solar month of summer, Virgo, begins when the Sun enters that more deliberate sign on August 22nd in the early evening. Mercury will still be the evening star in Virgo, and the Moon will then be in her own home in Cancer, bringing a calm and introspective manner to whatever events take place in the month ahead.

Two days afterward, Uranus will join four other planets already in retrogradation, putting fully half the celestial bodies on a contemplative path. The following day, Mercury enters Libra, allowing the pensive mind to acknowledge the need for kindness in relationships and communications, in true kinship with like kinds. The day after that the Moon is new once again, in Virgo with the Sun this time, as she begins the final lunar month of the season.

During the evening of September 4th, Venus moves out of Leo and into Virgo, the sign of the virgin, and so abating her impetuous nature with some considered modesty. Then Mercury too becomes retrograde on the 9th, joining the other five in recognizing the need to manage one’s own personal thoughts, feelings, and reactions when the world has become unmanageable.

The Full Moon in the predawn hours of September 10th is known as the Harvest Moon, for it is that lunation closest to the approaching equinox. In Pisces she is inspired, and furthermore she is sextile with Uranus and Pluto, who always bring our attention from the mundane world into the cosmic, giving spiritual support to those who look for comfort and peace.

Then, at sunset on September 22nd, the Autumnal Equinox announces the end of summer, a season that would offer solace and pleasant distraction to your troubled world, if you would only remember the human capacity for joy, though you may yet have some reason for resentment and grief in a world that continues to be difficult.

—Paracelsus Magnus, Scholar & Doctor of Medicines.