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Plumptastic Skincare by Ale New esthetician opens shop in Glen Ellen
Business Beat
Ale Santoyo at her new skincare business, Plumptastic Skin Care by Ale.Photo by Mia Epstein

By Mia Epstein

Ale Santoyo has recently opened Plumptastic Skincare by Ale in Glen Ellen, and has paved her way after many years of training.

Santoyo was born in Mexico and moved to the United States at the age of 18. She chose the skincare industry because she believes people forget to take care of themselves and she hopes to remind people that it is okay to take the time to pamper. She also hopes to spread the message that the purpose of makeup should be to enhance your beauty rather than to cover up imperfections.

As stated by Santoyo, “Healthy skin is beautiful skin that doesn’t need to be covered or hidden.” This understanding is rooted in her experience with her sister, who had acne and would use makeup to cover up. Santoyo desired to help those like her sister feel confident, even without makeup.

At 24, she moved out of her parents’ home to figure out her life path. She began working various positions at the Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn & Spa and still works there to this day. During her time there, she realized that her passion was skincare and she desired to make this her career. Santoyo knew that she needed a change and wanted to spread her unique message surrounding skincare. This led to her decision to attend esthetician school in the hopes of one day starting her own business.

To achieve this goal, Santoyo had to work two jobs to afford school. While at La Melange College in Napa, the pandemic abruptly stopped her in motion. Santoyo was finishing at the top of her class and excelling in the field when she had to leave school due to COVID-19.

Rather than letting this obstacle stand in her way, Santoyo finished her hours at Paris Beauty College in Concord and took the change as an opportunity to prepare herself to set up her business, work at med spas, and evaluate her goals. She continued her studies at home and began the process of rounding up the materials needed for the business.

In addition to all her years of schooling, Santoyo has worked 12 years in fivestar resorts, following her passion for skincare. This has given her the tools necessary to provide highclass esthetic services to clients.

The location of her shop is in the heart of Glen Ellen, serving both locals and anyone looking for a quality skincare service. The shop opened in November 2021 and the number of clients is growing as time goes on. Her most popular service is the hydrafacial, which uses unique equipment that is difficult to come by. It is a customer favorite because of the way it hydrates the skin and leaves a soft finish for weeks. Other popular services include chemical peels, microdermabrasion, and more.

Santoyo has successfully reached out to locals to spread the word about her business, including word of mouth from her proud 10-year-old niece.

Santoyo is very grateful to be in Glen Ellen and would love to welcome you into her shop and help you achieve your skincare goals. Visit her shop on Thursdays and Fridays at 13606 Arnold Dr. and check out her website at To discuss appointments or reach Santoyo, call (707) 387-7571.