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Dunbar Point gets a makeover

Volunteers clean up the gateway to Glen Ellen
Dunbar Point gets a makeover
Rory Pool, Shirley Austin-Peeke, Debbie Lammers, Dick Johnson, and Chris Lammers participate in the Dunbar Point workday on July 1. Dunbar Point is the nickname for the one-acre open lot at the intersection of Sonoma Highway, Arnold Drive, and Dunbar Road in Glen Ellen.Photo by Anna van Raaphorst-Johnson

By Melissa Dowling

The weather was perfect for a stalwart crew of volunteers at Dunbar Point for a July 1 workday. The day was the most recent of three days for upkeep of the parcel, coordinated by the Glen Ellen Forum through an arrangement with the Sonoma Land Trust, which owns the land.

The mission of the volunteer days was to clear dead trees, grasses, and debris while protecting wildlife habitat. What appear to be two “hills” of long-ago dumped excavation will remain for the time being, as they are habitat areas for ground critters and birds.

Folks working at the point reported that they enjoyed the sense of accomplishment of a hard morning’s work supporting the community and reducing wildfire risk. There are no plans to make the area accessible to the public as a park or recreational area.

To date, volunteers have cleaned up oak trees along Sonoma Highway, removed non-native brush and acacia trees, felled and removed burned and dead trees, removed more than 1,000 pounds of debris, discarded concrete and flammable dry brush, and more, all while taking care to leave new oak sprouts undisturbed and protect wildlife habitat.

The valiant volunteers to date include Rory Pool, Tony Pisacane, John LemMon, Maud Hallin, Anna van Raaphorst-Johnson, Dick Johnson, Chris Lammers, Paul Goguen, Melissa Dowling, Shirley Austin-Peeke, Debbie Lammers, Laurie Pile, Amanda Shone, and Katie Everidge.

More volunteer days will be scheduled soon. For more information on Dunbar Point and to hear about future activities, follow the Glen Ellen Forum on Facebook, send an email to [email protected] and ask to be added to the email list, or visit