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Kenwood royalty announced on Fourth of July

Kenwood royalty announced on  Fourth of July


By Mia Epstein

This July Fourth, the King and Queen of Kenwood reigned with royal crowns as they rode in the annual celebratory parade. King Nicholas Voegels and Queen Anna Collins were highachieving students at Maria Carrillo High School. Voegels is the youngest son of the Voegels family and attended Kenwood Elementary prior to high school. Collins is described as an extremely smart young woman with a big heart who also attended Kenwood Preschool and Kenwood Elementary prior to high school.

The two are longtime friends, as they grew up in Kenwood and have lived there all their lives. The parade was a nostalgic moment for the two friends because it was a final celebration of their transition from youth to adulthood and their graduation from Kenwood to their futures.

“Kenwood reminds me of being young and being a kid again,” Voegels stated. Collins thought back on her time in Kenwood and reminisced about the shenanigans she got into over the years. Voegels joined her in this moment and added, “Kenwood is a great place to grow up and spend time with your loved ones.” Voegels and Collins graduated high school with the curveball of the COVID-19 pandemic thrown in toward the end of their sophomore year. Voegels plans to take a gap year to travel, work, and explore the world before deciding his next steps. Collins will head off to Harvard to study Environmental Studies, aiming for a potential career in environmental or nature law.

As they embark on the next phase of their lives, Kenwood will never be a distant memory, they said.