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To the Editor,

I just wanted to extend a brief thank you to the people of Marin and Sonoma Counties for participating in our democracy in the June primary. At 49.5% and 45.2% turnout respectively, the North Bay far outpaced California’s turnout of 33.1%, a reflection of the deeprooted civic-minded nature of our community.

In my campaign for State Assembly, I was honored to finish first, and I look forward to many conversations ahead with voters throughout our region on the countless ways the policies made in the state Capitol impact our lives. I’ll be on the ballot again in November.

We know our state and our nation are at a crossroads. A reactionary Supreme Court is rolling back the clock on reproductive rights, environmental protection, and so much more. On a daily basis, we’re forced to bear witness to the scourge of deadly gun violence. Rising costs are interfering with everyone’s ability to make ends meet and prepare for the future. Millions remain without health care. The existential threat of climate change continues to create a more dangerous world, as seen by the yearly wildfires that can destroy entire neighborhoods with little warning.

These are perilous times, and we need an experienced legislator representing the North Bay to protect Californians’ rights and show the rest of the country how to fix our toughest problems.

No matter who you voted for in the primary, thank you for caring and being part of the fabric of our community. It means a lot to call this area my home, to raise my family here, and to call you my neighbors.

Damon Connolly, Marin County Supervisor and State Assembly candidate