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Unlock your next read with Sonoma County Library’s new book locker

Sonoma County Library patrons now have the freedom and flexibility to pick up library holds 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with the library’s convenient Biblio-Box locker, easily accessible at the Sonoma Valley Regional Library.

“As a resident of Sonoma, I am excited to use this service to pick up my holds when it is most convenient for me and my family. Sonoma County Library will continue to look for ways to improve service and increase access to our programming and collections,” said Deputy Library Director Erika Thibault.

To pick up library materials on your own time with the BiblioBox, place your holds online at, select “Sonoma Valley BiblioBox Locker” as your pickup location, wait for notification that your holds are available, then pick them up at the fully automated BiblioBox. Lockers are available day or night, at all hours.

Sonoma Valley is the first Sonoma County Library to install a BiblioBox, with more coming soon. BiblioBox lockers are funded by the Measure Y sales tax, the community’s investment in free public libraries.

For more information on Sonoma County Library’s BiblioBox lockers, visit bibliobox.