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VOM Garden Club hosts floral designer

By Bonnie Brown

The Thursday, Aug. 4, meeting of the Valley of the Moon Garden Club will feature a demonstration and discussion on the Japanese art of Ikebana floral arrangement.

The tradition dates back to Heian period, when floral offerings were made at altars. Later, flower arrangements were used to adorn the tokonoma, or alcove, in a traditional Japanese home. The complete structure of the Japanese floral arrangement focuses on three main points, symbolizing the sky, earth, and humans, through the three pillars: asymmetry, space, and depth.

Dori Araujo has been a floral designer for 55 years. She is now retired and living in Sonoma. She has worked in flower shops in Hawaii, Texas, New Jersey, Tennessee, Florida, and Canada.

Her love of Ikebana began in Hawaii. She was still in high school when her neighbor, a master Ikebana instructor, offered to teach her. Araujo has been to many schools of Ikebana since then. She will demonstrate creation of one tall and one low arrangement, following Ikebana traditions.

Anyone wishing to make an arrangement after the demonstration, should bring an eight-inch or taller ceramic vase (not clear glass) or a 10-inch wide bowl, a metal “frog” flower holder, pruners, branches, and a few flowers.

The meeting is at 7 p.m. at Burlingame Hall, First Congregational Church, 252 West Spain St., Sonoma. Refreshments and a plant raffle will follow the demonstration. There is a $5 guest entry fee. The hall is large, chairs are spaced, and masks are by choice.