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$10,000 Challenge Grant to support Hood Mountain improvements

Funds to fix trails, enhance fire resiliency at fire-damaged park
$10,000 Challenge Grant to support  Hood Mountain improvements
Photo by Paul GoguenSteven Tang has reopened the strawberry stand in Kenwood on Sonoma Highway. Fresh strawberries and other local produce are available most days while supplies last.

The nonprofit Sonoma County Parks Foundation is offering a $10,000 challenge grant to benefit Hood Mountain Regional Park & Preserve thanks to the generosity of nationally renowned artist Richard McDaniel, who lives in Santa Rosa and is often inspired to paint scenes of Hood Mountain and its spectacular beauty. His love of this land motivated his generous gift.

Donations will support restored and new trails, future acquisitions, and fire resiliency at Hood Mountain Regional Park & Preserve as part of the Bill & Dave Legacy Fund. The Fund honors intrepid hike leaders Bill Myers and Dave Chalk, who are particularly passionate about this wilderness park. Donations can be made through the Parks Foundation website or by mail to: Sonoma County Parks Foundation, 2300 County Center Dr., #120A, Santa Rosa, CA 95403. The Parks Foundation also accepts IRA Qualified Charitable Distributions, gifts of appreciated stock, and Donor Advised Fund grants.

Donors who contribute $250 or more will receive a set of notecards featuring Richard McDaniel’s pastel image, My Summer Hood.

The Bill & Dave Legacy Fund has already supported a variety of projects at Hood Mountain Regional Park & Preserve, including: — acquisition of the new Cougar Landing property that will expand the park and enhance a critical wildlife corridor; — construction of Lawson Trail; and — restoration of the park following the Tubbs, Nuns, and Glass Fires, including firehardened infrastructure.

The Sonoma County Parks Foundation is a nonprofit organization that raises funds, fosters partnerships, and advocates on behalf of Sonoma County Regional Parks.