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The Cosmological Letter

The Cosmological Letter

As before, the itinerant 16th-century physician and scholar Paracelsus Magnus has once again braved the boundaries of time and visited our Valley to guide us in preparation for the autumn season soon to begin.

This, dear reader, is my letter to you in consideration of what must lie ahead. The celestial months of autumn are three: Libra, Scorpio, and Sagittarius. The season begins with the autumnal equinox during the evening of September 22nd, at 6:27 by your clocks. As the signal event, its horoscope sets the tone for the entire season, with the Sun still opposing Neptune while closing in upon an opposition to Jupiter with strong aspects to the dark planet Pluto, who remains the powerful director of all events. This will be for you a difficult time, requiring great attention and care.

As Libra dilutes the vigor of the Sun, Jupiter must prevail, and with Pluto’s strong aspect the entire season will thereby prove volatile, in service to a greater will than that of mere mortals. Soon afterward that same evening Mercury and the Sun conjoin, and Mercury becomes promethean as the morning star. The following day, still retrograde, he will shake himself from his revery to return to his home in thoughtful Virgo. Minds everywhere may now become increasingly attentive in a valiant struggle to comprehend events as they unfold.

On the third day of Libra, September 24th, virtuous Venus in Virgo opposes orphic Neptune in Pisces. It would be good to guard against any naive sympathies, and to keep guard against the seductions of any drama. The following day there is a New Moon in Libra, with a stellium of personal planets, Sun, Moon, Mercury, and Venus, opposite the generous, large-minded conjunction of Aries Jupiter and Pisces Neptune, with strong aspects to Pluto. My admonishment here is to act according to the purpose of events, and not in defense against their possible hazard.

The Libran Sun opposes Aryan Jupiter the following day, risking silly indulgences, until Mercury conjoins Venus the next morning to bring the intelligent heart and refined mind together to temper carelessness. Three days later Venus enters her own home in Libra, allowing the heart to relax safely, for awhile. Late in the morning of October 1st, Venus joins the other personal planets to oppose Jupiter, making it difficult for some of you to remain true to your own values in the face of social pressure. Soon afterward Mercury opposes Neptune, just as he becomes direct. Unleashed, the mind is quickly sharpened, and apprehensive like a schoolboy on the first day of class.

On October 8th, the day before the Moon is full, Capricorn Pluto becomes direct, and what he has prepared now begins to take place. Then the first Full Moon of the season, known variously as the Blood Moon, the Hunter’s Moon, and the Sanguine Moon, readies herself to race forward through a heady sequence of events, and although seeming reckless they will prove, in time, to serve a greater order than is easily recognized as they take place.

The following afternoon, on October 10th, Mercury leaves his home in Virgo to enter Libra, and the mind will relax its insistence upon precision to become increasingly collaborative, helping communication become more likely to commune. Libra, after all, is known to liberate. Two days later he also opposes Jupiter, as had the Sun and Venus before him, and once again it would be wise to exercise caution with overconfidence and indulgence.

Then, two days later, the Sun is with Venus, who then is hesperus, and so the heart becomes less agile and more measured. Later that day Saturn too becomes direct in his own sign Aquarius, bringing forward concern for social needs. Squared as he has been with Uranus in Taurus for many weeks, there will remain many challenges to maintain balance in a rapidly changing world.

The second month of Autumn begins as the Sun enters Scorpio early on the 23rd, reasserting his authority with strong aspects to Mars and Pluto. Emotions will be under siege over the next few weeks, as Venus also enters Scorpio where she is in detriment, and passions are loosened. Two days later, early in the morning of October 25th, the New Moon in Scorpio is partially eclipsed, combust Venus. During that evening retrograde Jupiter returns into Pisces, which he rules. Faith and confidence will struggle with the awareness of mounting danger, and on the following Saturday, Saturn’s Day, Mercury enters Scorpio to sharpen attention.

I am mindful that the Sunday morning before you place your vote for leadership your clocks will again return to Standard Time, gaining perhaps the hour of sleep that you will soon need. The Full Moon in Taurus, the Beaver Moon, takes place on Election Day itself, with a conjunction with Uranus, making this an extraordinarily emotional time. Be mindful and patient as the Sun continues to conjoin his lieutenant Mercury, now epimethean and submissive, while opposing the Moon and Uranus. This is most assuredly the time to make certain your vote has been made and your opinion known, else you will have no reason to complain afterward. This polarity in the heavens of the Sun and Mercury to the Moon and Uranus is in square to that taskmaster Saturn in Aquarius, who would confront outright revolt with the need to maintain civil discourse, and there is no catharsis for this tense drama in the heavens until early the following day, when the Sun himself confronts Uranus.

Wait a few more days to learn what has taken place among your leaders. Venus will not slake her seductive manner until she enters Sagittarius the evening of November 15th, and as Mercury joins her there late the following day the mind too will begin to shift from examining things to exploring their possibilities, the heart and mind becoming less aggressive as the Leonid shower of stars begin to stir the heavens with their display.

Mercury joins Venus on Monday afternoon and just before the final month of Autumn, as the Sun enters Sagittarius early Tuesday morning. The mind and the heart begin to return to an accord as they set out together to explore a changed journey, for Jupiter is released from his retrogradation and so a certain amount of optimism, even confidence, can be anticipated after a tumultuous week.

Then there comes the New Moon in Sagittarius, launching a month of renewed confidence. Her only aspect is a trine to Jupiter, still in Pisces and inspirational if not somewhat soft-headed. Mercury and Venus then confront Mars in opposition, Mercury early Wednesday morning and Venus late Wednesday night, so that what they know and feel are challenged to accept what it is that must take place. Neptune then becomes direct in Pisces on December 3rd near her companion Jupiter, who also rules this sign, and so a certain belief in what is possible returns despite the deep bruises of the recent past. Soon after, in the afternoon of the 6th, Mercury enters Capricorn, exchanging the curious mind for a thoughtful one.

Mid-evening December 7th there is a Full Moon, and the closest one to the Equinox, so it is called the Cold Long Night Moon. Because she is close to the Gemini Mars in her opposition to the Sun, a certain explosive emotional reactivity should be expected, but a day or so later Venus enters Capricorn, quickly cooling the moods of the world in reconsideration of what is useful and what is important, and what is not. The thoughts of the world may begin now to regain composure as Jupiter enters Aries to assert a positive step forward. This is when the Halcyon Days begin, a time when all of nature gathers to go within, in preparation for the darkest night of the year while celebrating the Enduring Light. Jupiter is rested, ambitious, and ready to leave his comfortable home in Pisces to valiantly take up and venture upon his next journey as he enters Aries.

Then, early in the afternoon of the 21st of December our Sun, in his journey through the signs of the Zodiac, leaves meandering Sagittarius to enter the more deliberate Capricorn, and so autumn is done and winter begins. I’ll return then to tell you what can be hoped for, and prepared for. Until then do be careful, and do be well.