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New chef from another galaxy at Glen Ellen Star Chef Bryant Minuche knows how to play with fire
Business Beat


By Paul Goguen

The Glen Ellen Star recently announced the arrival of a new chef. Owner and Chef Ari Weiswasser says this is the next step in the evolution of the restaurant, which recently created a partnership with husband-and-wife team Spencer and Ashley Waite. “The strategy behind that was to allow us to kind of branch off and focus more on the catering side of things.” That side of the business operates Park Avenue Catering.

Chef Bryant Minuche joins the team as the new chef de cuisine and will be collaborating with Weiswasser to create new dishes coming to the menu with some already there. In an area with relatively few restaurants per square mile, any menu update is a welcome change. Minuche, who was the executive chef at the wood-fired-centric Ciccio in Yountville for seven years, is excited to get a chance to shine at the Star. “I met Ari and we talked about our vision, food, and everything in between, and now I’m here. Slowly chef and I are morphing the menu into my vision and his vision. Right now it’s kind of a mix of both of ours.”

Look for new dishes to show up as specials, and don’t forget locals’ night every Wednesday with free corkage. The Glen Ellen Star is located at 13648 Arnold Drive in Glen Ellen. For more information, visit