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From Oakmont to Hollywood and TikTok

“Grandfluencer” performs for millions every week
From Oakmont to Hollywood and  TikTok
The Retirement House gang on TikTok: Larry, Curtis, Eugene, Bubbe, Mabel, and Rose (Monterey Morrissey, Jerry Boyd, Chuck Lacey, Patty Mulish, Gaylynn Baker, and Reatha Grey).Photo by Brandon Chase


By Karen Miscura

Recently becoming a “grandfluencer,” along with a crazy gang of boomerage Retirement House rascals on TikTok, Monterey Morrissey is a long-time actor in small movie parts, TV ads, voice-overs, and live performances. Until recently, Morrissey and his wife, Bonnie, were residents of Oakmont, playing pickleball, walking their dog, and raising veggies.

When he began to get gigs in Hollywood, they decamped in their RV for Southern California. “We miss Oakmont so much, but for now, I’m just having too much fun with the kids from Retirement House. I didn’t even know what TikTok was until this year! And an influencer—what’s that?” said Morrissey.

TikTok is a “short-form video sharing app,” an app you download to your phone to allow you to record, or watch, 30-second or up to 3-minute videos about anything.

Now part of one of the top entertainment and social media trends, Morrissey has joined Retirement House, a TikTok collective of “grandfluencer” boomers over 70. In less than a month, they amassed over a million followers, and now they have more than four million followers.

Like most other TikTok “house” groups, six characters appear to live in a big house together where they create daily shenanigans, from hip-hop dancing to workouts in outrageous costumes, and offer advice on senior dating, cooking, and embarrassing their children and grandkids.

Age is just a number at Retirement House, as these outlandish seniors film their monkeyshines weekly for a growing audience. They’re on TikTok, they’re on Instagram, and they’ve been on Good Morning LA, Buzzfeed, Business Insider, ABC News Live Prime with Linsey Davis — and the New York Times arrived the other day with a photo crew!

Weary of SoCal (but sticking with Tik-Tok), Morrissey and Bonnie are currently searching for a house back up here.

To follow Retirement House on TikTok, download the TikTok app to your smartphone and search for Retirement House. It’s that easy. You can also ask someone under age 30 for help.