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Planning for any more vineyards at GlenLyon?

Planning for any more vineyards at GlenLyon?
Photo by Melania Mahoney


Suzy says “No!” but we did taste a picpoul blanc (a very obscure white Southern Rhone variety) the other night at a friend’s house and we absolutely loved it! I have started secretly looking for a spot where we could plant a halfacre. (Don’t tell Suzy, but “it ain’t over til it’s over!”) Over the last 36 years (two tractors, three ATVs, and many mistakes later), we have simply learned as we went, and are still learning to this day. Much of that education was from viticulture classes, consulting, and exchanging ideas with other grape growers. For my next installment of our three-part Reflections series, I’ll write about our journey as we learned to make wine!

That’s it! Rereading everything we’ve done and our vineyard mistakes has made me thirsty! Time for a glass of fine GlenLyon wine with Suzy on our overlook, and to start thinking about dinner! I think I’ll open a bottle of 2021 Suzy’s Toast viognier, which we bottled in March, as it’s Suzy’s favorite! Who knows? Maybe we’ll talk about picpoul blanc.

Tempus Imbibus! (“Time to drink!”) “Lang may yer lum reek!” (Scottish Gaelic: “Long May Your Chimney Smoke!”) Squire Fridell is the winemaker, vineyard manager, CEO, CFO, COO, EIEIO, WINO, and janitor at Glen-Lyon Vineyards & Winery and Two Amigos Wines. To reach him, email [email protected]