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Palooza gets new chef and updates menu Chef Eric Moulton takes the helm
Business Beat


By Paul Goguen

You may have noticed some recent menu changes at Palooza. That is because a new chef is in charge of the kitchen at the Kenwood gastropub.

Eric Moulton grew up in Kenwood, went to culinary school in San Francisco in 2010, and worked his way through the ranks of many great San Francisco restaurants. Waterbar, the Boxing Room, and Farallon are some of the spots where he unpkacked his knives bouncing around in the North Bay, and ultimately running his own kitchen and brigade back home in Kenwood.

Moulton says he is not trying to reinvent the wheel at Palooza. “It’s not so much that we’re trying to redo the entire menu, we’re just updating it, adding some new things, like squash risotto and grilled flank steak. A lot of the specials we are running are new too,” he said.

Moulton also felt like a change of greenery was in order. “When I took over, one of the first things that I changed were all the salads. So that’s all completely new,” he said.

Another new thing is the pizza dough and topping options. This reporter has had some great pizza there since Eric took over, and looks forward to having more. A pie with pineapple (a crime in some circles, but not mine), pepperoni, and jalapenos was memorable for the conflict between the sweet of the fruit and the evil of the pepper. The pepperoni was caught in the delicious crossfire, on a pizza with a wonderful crust preparation.

“The only things that I didn’t really change much were the chicken wings and the mozzarella balls,” the chef added. Don’t fix what isn’t broken is a great philosophy.

Palooza is located at 8910 Sonoma Hwy. in metropolitan Kenwood; (707) 833-4000.