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Support Kenwood School

By Maggie Howland

The Kenwood Education Foundation (KEF) is a nonprofit organization founded by Kenwood residents to preserve the excellent educational environment at Kenwood Elementary School.

The state of California once funded art, physical education, and music programs for all students. Today, it provides zero funds for these programs at public elementary schools.

But with the support of the KEF, which, in turn, is funded entirely by donations from our community, Kenwood’s students enjoy all of these programs, as well as STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics) instruction, an enhanced library, and instructional aides in classrooms, giving our students one of the best academic experiences in Sonoma County.

Will you help our kids this year? Each fall, the KEF sponsors its KIDS Campaign, a drive to raise $60,000 of the $160,000 our school needs to preserve these programs. Funding these programs at our little school costs $110 per month per student. Monthly donations have become the KEF’s most reliable revenue source.

Will you help by making a monthly donation?

Our donors are not just parents. Some are grandparents, friends, or relatives living out of state. Others are community members who realize Kenwood is in high demand because it is anchored by an excellent school. And a big part of what keeps our school excellent is the programming funded by the KEF.

To make donating efficient, we moved it online: visit KEF. to donate. There is no minimum (or maximum!) donation, and folks can change their donation at any time. Just $20 or $50 per month makes a real difference, but $110 per month funds one student in full. We love and appreciate our donors.

The KEF is also improving visibility for business supporters. Last year, several wonderful local businesses sponsored our live auction. This year, we want to recognize them all year long. Visit the donation link for information on corporate sponsorship. Let us show you off!

The KEF has no paid staff. The organization is run entirely by parents and community members who volunteer their time, so donations go straight to the school.

Thank you for supporting our amazing community and our excellent little country school. Thank you for donating to the KEF!