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To the Editor, Vote Yes on Measure F

Our school in Kenwood needs your support to continue providing the traditional and modern skills children must have to successfully meet an increasingly demanding future. Measure F, on the ballot for Kenwood and Oakmont residents, is the mechanism the state provides the school district to meet the needs of infrastructure rental and replacement. Kenwood’s school community can demonstrate its support for its school and its children by voting yes on Measure F.

The following are just a few of the pressing needs that will be addressed by the passage of Measure F: The funding will enable replacement of portable classrooms that were purchased used 30 years ago, as well as replacement of the worn-out multipurpose room floor; provide a separate classroom for transitional kindergarten; upgrade the school kitchen to meet new state standards; and repair and replace old plumbing, septic, roof, and HVAC systems to ensure they are safe and compliant. Measure F funds will allow the district to ensure technology infrastructure is kept current and flexible enough to meet the ongoing needs of students and staff.

Just as important as the resources that Measure F provides are the safeguards in place that ensure the money is used wisely, with input from an independent oversight committee. All bond funds must be spent locally for the school, not for administrator or teacher salaries. The use of the funds cannot be usurped or directed by the state.

Measure F is on the ballot for Kenwood and Oakmont residents. Measure F bonds are a sound, well-protected, and safe investment in our children’s future.

Gary Moe Kenwood

To the Editor, Why do I attend the Oakmont Sunday Symposium?

For over 16 years, I have attended most of Oakmont’s Sunday Symposium lectures. Why, you ask? My wife and I decided we wanted to move to a retirement community that offered mental and athletic stimulation.

In moving to Oakmont, we wanted a community that offered college-level classes, lectures, and entertainment. I have attended most of the Symposium lectures for over 16 years and served on the board for over 10 years as the speaker chairperson. The Sunday Symposium offers high-quality speakers on a myriad of subjects on 35 Sundays each year. I have heard talks on politics, health, philosophy, history, art, and many more topics. The talks are given by experts in their fields who present a 45-minute lecture for only a $3 donation per talk. Even if I was not highly interested in the topic, I still went because I am always open to learning something new!

Now that I am almost 86, I can’t play tennis or ride my bike, but I still am very interested in learning new ideas! I still attend the Sunday Symposium.

Now that COVID-19 is mostly under control, the Symposium needs your inperson attendance and financial support. The speakers receive a modest fee paid for by our donations on Sunday.

I invite you to attend the next talk and find out why hundreds of us attend the Symposium every week!!

Gordon Freedman Oakmont