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Get involved in Glen Ellen’s Community Wildfire Protection Plan

Do you have a little time to make a big difference?

By Ellie Insley

Fire Safe Sonoma recently received funding from the California Fire Safe Council to help four communities in Sonoma County create Community Wildfire Protection Plans (CWPPs). Glen Ellen is fortunate to be one of those communities.

A CWPP is a community-based plan focused on identifying and addressing local wildfire hazards and risks, providing a road map of actions for a community to reduce wildfire threat. That road map becomes the foundation for successful grant writing and fundraising to carry out wildfire risk reduction projects.

If you live in the Glen Ellen area and are concerned about wildfire safety, join us for a virtual public meeting at 9:30 a.m. on Saturday, Nov. 19, to learn about the process and how you can help. Your input will be incorporated into a draft plan that should be available for public review in early 2023.

The goals of the meeting are to: – Introduce the project team; – Describe the potential benefits of having a plan; – Summarize the CWPP process and potential outcomes; – Describe what has been done so far, and what still needs to be completed; and – Provide an opportunity for collaborative discussion between the team and community residents about wildfire risk.

Over the past few months, Fire Safe Sonoma has been working with Glen Ellen community members Mark Newhouser and me (Ellie Insley) to initiate the CWPP process. They have circulated a community survey, to be filled out by residents, to determine the level of fire risk and hazard present in the community.

To date, we have 77 surveys completed, and we hope for more input from residents. The participation of community members is critical to creating a collaborative and well-informed CWPP. CAL FIRE Division Chief Justin Benguerel said, “It takes all the stakeholders coming together and forming CWPPs and working in the community on fuels reduction projects, or whatever it might need, to alleviate some of these challenges during wildland fires.”

The meeting will be held virtually, from 9:30 to 11 a.m., via Zoom. The Zoom link is tZYtf-yoqT0vHtPYLgNjnbeEHdvnPuM- d8k.

The survey can be found here: https:// UIdGpBqWeG5ZGmM9GZLybokchAuXS kBPiGtC7W2Np8MvQ/viewform.

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