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Marjorie McKenzie Davis turns 102

Marjorie McKenzie Davis turns 102
Marj Davis.Photo by Christine Cohen

By Christine Cohen

Marj Davis of Kenwood, well known for founding Wildlife Fawn Rescue when she was 75, turned 102 on Nov. 8.

Davis worked tirelessly to save fawns who have been orphaned, injured, or were ill. The ultimate goal of Wildlife Fawn Rescue was always to release the fawns back into the wild. Davis worked on behalf of the fawns and deer until her retirement in her late nineties.

Now into her second century, Davis remains steadfast in her dedication and deep love for the natural world. She is one of these wonderful people who has an inner compass that guides her through life on a steady path. Her mission was to save as many fawns and deer as possible, no matter how difficult, inconvenient, or dangerous the task would be.

Davis has written numerous books, mentored and organized volunteers, and has saved hundreds of fawns, deer, and wildlife throughout more than 25 years in Fawn Rescue. Throughout Davis’s life, she has embodied integrity, toughness, strength, and great compassion. Her life has been one of service and caring. She is a gifted writer and advocate with a strong pragmatic approach to life.