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PG&E offers free gas safety checks to help customers stay warm and safe

With colder weather months approaching, Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG& E) is reminding customers to call to schedule a free in-home safety inspection of their gas appliances. During the visit, PG& E will also relight pilot lights for customers whose pilots for heaters or other appliances were turned off during warmer months.

Inspections help ensure that gas appliances, including water heaters, furnaces, and ovens, are operating safely and efficiently, reducing the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. Carbon monoxide is especially dangerous due to the fact that it can’t be seen, smelled, or heard. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, at least 430 people die from accidental carbon monoxide poisoning every year in the U.S., and approximately 50,000 people are sent to the hospital.

“Keep your family safe from the dangers of carbon monoxide by calling PG& E to schedule a free gas appliance safety check, and we will send a qualified PG& E technician to your home to inspect your appliances and to relight pilot lights,” reiterated Joe Forline, PG& E’s vice president of gas pperations.

Schedule an inspection by calling the customer helpline at (800) 743-5000.