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Kenwood Fire Station

9045 Sonoma Highway, Kenwood, CA - (707) 833-2042

Past Events

Sat Dec 14th 2019 Santa Claus is coming to town
Sun Dec 1st 2019 KFA Crab Feed tickets on sale
Wed Aug 21st 2019 Fire agencies, county to host meeting on alerts and warnings
Sun Aug 11th 2019 PG&E hosts Kenwood meeting to discuss power shutoffs
Sun Jun 16th 2019 Father's Day pancakes in Kenwood
Wed May 15th 2019 Emergency training in Kenwood
Sat Feb 9th 2019 Kenwood Fire’s annual crab feed
Sat Dec 8th 2018 Santa in Kenwood
Sun Jun 17th 2018 Explorers Father’s Day Pancake Breakfast
Sun Apr 29th 2018 Hands Only CPR/AED training in Kenwood
Wed Apr 18th 2018 SCOPE training in Kenwood
Sat Feb 10th 2018 Kenwood Fire Department Crab Feed - Sold out!
Sun Jun 18th 2017 Explorers Father’s Day Pancake Breakfast
Sat Feb 11th 2017 Kenwood Fire Department's Annual Crab Feed
Sat Dec 10th 2016 Santa stopping by Kenwood!
Sun Jun 19th 2016 Kenwood Fire Department's Father's Day Pancake Breakfast
Thu May 19th 2016 Public meeting on Lawson Addition
Sat Feb 13th 2016 Kenwood Fire Association Crab Feed
Wed Jan 20th 2016 Sonoma Valley Trail Public Open House
Sat Dec 12th 2015 Santa comes to Kenwood
Wed Oct 28th 2015 Sonoma Valley Regional Park Workshop
Sun Jun 21st 2015 Father’s Day Pancake Breakfast
Sat Feb 7th 2015 KFA Crab Feed
Sat Dec 13th 2014 Santa Claus coming to town
Wed Nov 12th 2014 Community meetings on fire services
Wed Nov 12th 2014 County fire service meeting in Kenwood
Sun Jun 15th 2014 Father’s Day pancake breakfast
Tue Apr 8th 2014 Community meeting on Valley water supply
Sat Dec 14th 2013 Santa comes to Kenwood
Sat Dec 15th 2012 Santa coming to Kenwood
Tue Oct 9th 2012 Local Q&A with Congressman Thompson
Mon Jul 9th 2012 Make your home fire safe
Sun Jun 17th 2012 Fire Explorers Father’s Day Pancake Breakfast
Sun Apr 22nd 2012 Soccer registration begins
Wed Apr 11th 2012 Meeting in Kenwood on hillside vineyards
Wed Mar 7th 2012 Meeting on future of Kenwood Soccer Club
Sat Feb 11th 2012 Kenwood crab feed
Sat Dec 10th 2011 Santa coming to Kenwood
Sun Jun 19th 2011 Father’s Day Pancakes in Kenwood
Sat Apr 30th 2011 Kenwood Soccer sign-ups
Tue Mar 15th 2011 KFA Scholarships deadline
Sat Feb 12th 2011 Kenwood crab feed
Sat Dec 11th 2010 Santa comes to Kenwood
Sun Jun 20th 2010 KEFD Father's Day Pancake Breakfast
Sat Apr 17th 2010 Kenwood Soccer Registration
Sat Jan 23rd 2010 Baseball registration
Sat Dec 12th 2009 Santa comes to Kenwood
Sun Dec 6th 2009 Blood Drive
Sun Jun 21st 2009 Father’s Day pancakes
Sat Feb 14th 2009 KFD Crab Feed

Community Calendar

Virtual Book Club
Cal Alumni Club dinner
Sonoma Valley groundwater community workshop