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Hood Mountain Regional Park - Pythian Entrance

1450 Pythian Road, Santa Rosa, CA
Access to the southeast portion of the park is via the Pythian Road Trailhead. It is located 1.3 miles up the North side of Pythian Rd., off Highway 12. To reach the horse trailer parking lot, drive .5 miles up Pythian Road off Hwy 12 and turn left onto Eliza Way. Continue 600' to equestrian parking between the two brick buildings.

Past Events

Mon Jan 21st 2019 MLK Day clean up at Hood Mountain park
Sat Oct 13th 2018 Gunsight Rock hike with Bill and Dave
Fri May 18th 2018 V-O-Cal trailwork weekend at Hood Mountain
Tue Mar 28th 2017 Evening walk at Hood Mountain
Sat Oct 11th 2014 Hike in Hood Mountain Regional Park
Sat Oct 26th 2013 Hike Hood Mountain
Sat Apr 27th 2013 Wildflower Walk at Hood
Sat Apr 13th 2013 Hike Sugarloaf
Sat Oct 20th 2012 Hike Johnson Ridge Trail
Fri May 18th 2012 Wilderness Survival
Sat May 12th 2012 Wildflower Walk
Sat Oct 22nd 2011 Hike to Gunsight
Sat Oct 23rd 2010 Hood Mountain Hike
Sat Oct 24th 2009 Hike the Johnson Ridge Trail
Sun Aug 30th 2009 Hood Mountain hike
Sat Oct 18th 2008 Hike the Johnson Ridge Trail with Bill & Dave

Community Calendar

Laurel Glen Vineyards masterclass with Bettina Sichel