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Sonoma Developmental Center

15000 Arnold Dr., Eldridge, CA

Past Events

Sat Feb 22nd 2020 Hike SDC, Sonoma Mountain
Wed Oct 31st 2018 Last Halloween Parade
Sun Jan 21st 2018 Fire Recovery Walk
Thu Apr 21st 2016 Job Fair at Sonoma Developmental Center
Wed Dec 2nd 2015 Holiday Craft Fair at Developmental Center
Thu Dec 4th 2014 SDC Holiday Craft Fair
Wed Dec 3rd 2014 SDC Holiday Craft Fair
Thu Dec 5th 2013 Sonoma Developmental Center hosts annual craft fai
Wed Dec 4th 2013 Sonoma Developmental Center hosts annual craft fair
Sat May 18th 2013 SDC Footrace and Festival
Sat Mar 9th 2013 Legislators assemble to hear about SDC
Thu Dec 6th 2012 Holiday Craft Fair SDC
Wed Dec 5th 2012 Holiday Craft Fair SDC
Sat May 12th 2012 Sonoma Valley footrace & festival
Sat Mar 10th 2012 Ropes course training at SDC
Tue Dec 6th 2011 Developmental Center holiday craft fair
Thu Dec 1st 2011 SDC Tree Lighting
Wed Jun 29th 2011 SDC celebrations
Thu Mar 24th 2011 Blood Drive at SDC
Thu Jan 27th 2011 SDC Blood Drive
Wed Dec 1st 2010 SDC Holiday Craft Fair
Tue Nov 9th 2010 SDC Pasta Feed Fundraiser
Wed Jul 14th 2010 E-Waste Collection at SDC
Sat May 22nd 2010 Auto Show and Foot Races at SDC
Tue Apr 20th 2010 Art Show at Developmental Center
Mon Mar 22nd 2010 Blood Drive
Mon Dec 7th 2009 Blood Drive
Thu Oct 29th 2009 SDC Halloween Parade
Tue Apr 21st 2009 SDC Holds Art Show

Community Calendar

Virtual Book Club
Cal Alumni Club dinner
Sonoma Valley groundwater community workshop