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Trione-Annadel State Park

, Santa Rosa, CA

Past Events

Wed Jan 1st 2020 Flatter, later, slower, shorter First Day nature hike
Sat Oct 5th 2019 Lake habitats in Trione-Annadel State Park
Sat Aug 17th 2019 Trione-Annadel trail work day
Sun Jul 21st 2019 Butterflies and dragonflies hike
Sat May 18th 2019 Trione-Annadel State Park trail work day
Sat May 18th 2019 Look for wild roses on Trione-Annadel hike
Sat May 4th 2019 See the effects of fire at Trione-Annadel
Sat Apr 6th 2019 Annadel races benefit parks
Sat Mar 30th 2019 Looking for calypso orchids
Fri Jan 11th 2019 Newts and iNaturalist hike at Trione-Annadel
Tue Jan 1st 2019 Easy First Day Hike with history in Annadel
Mon Dec 17th 2018 Volunteers needed for trail work in Annadel
Sat Nov 17th 2018 Bill & Dave hike Trione-Annadel
Sat Sep 22nd 2018 Learn about oaks, redwoods and climate
Sat Jul 21st 2018 Learn about butterflies, dragons and more
Sat Jun 16th 2018 Hike the headwaters of Spring Creek
Sat Jun 16th 2018 Trail work in Trione-Annadel
Sat Jun 2nd 2018 Easy-paced hike in Trione-Annadel
Sat May 5th 2018 Fire hike with naturalist in Trione-Annadel State Park
Wed Apr 25th 2018 Mid-week wander at Trione-Annadel State Park
Fri Apr 20th 2018 Birds and Blooms at Trione-Annadel State Park
Fri Apr 13th 2018 Fun Field Botany 101
Sat Apr 7th 2018 Half Marathon at Trione-Annadel
Mon Apr 2nd 2018 Earth Day trail work opportunity
Wed Mar 28th 2018 Evening hike with a naturalist
Sat Mar 24th 2018 Orchids, ferns & spiders hike
Wed Mar 21st 2018 Wildflower wander at Trione-Annadel SP
Sat Feb 17th 2018 Volunteers needed for trail work in Trione-Annadel State Park
Sat Aug 19th 2017 Trione-Annadel trail work day
Sat Apr 8th 2017 Annadel Half Marathon
Fri Dec 2nd 2016 Gordenker Quarry hike at Trione-Annadel State Park
Sat Jun 18th 2016 Trail work day at Annadel
Sat Feb 27th 2016 Volunteer training for Jack London, Sugarloaf, Annadel parks
Sat Jan 16th 2016 Annadel trail work day
Sat Nov 21st 2015 Fall hike in Annadel
Thu Sep 17th 2015 Annadel Trail Day
Sat Aug 8th 2015 Annadel Quarry Hike
Sat Nov 15th 2014 Bill & Dave hike Annadel
Sat Feb 15th 2014 Annadel Trail Work Day
Sat Jan 18th 2014 Help maintain Lawndale Trail
Sat Nov 16th 2013 Help fix trails at Annadel
Sat Nov 16th 2013 Hike Annadel with Bill & Dave
Sat Oct 19th 2013 Annadel trail work day
Sat Jun 15th 2013 3rd Saturday Work Day at Annadel State Park
Sat May 18th 2013 Volunteer work day at Annadel
Sat Apr 20th 2013 Annadel 3rd Saturday Trail Day
Wed Jun 20th 2012 Annadel twilight picnic hike
Sat Nov 13th 2010 Fall hike in Annadel

Community Calendar

Laurel Glen Vineyards masterclass with Bettina Sichel