The Kenwood Press
News: 07/01/2018

Getting back up...

It’s not happening at a blistering pace, but slowly northern Sonoma Valley communities are seeing some signs of fire victims receiving their building permits from the county’s Permit Sonoma department, and beginning the challenging task of building new structures. Above: David and Karen DiPiero with their grandson as workers prepare to pour a foundation in the Treehaven area in Kenwood. Photos by Alec Peters

Turtle Creek
Progress at a property on Turtle Creek in Kenwood.

Trinity Oaks
A home taking shape in Glen Ellen’s Trinity Oaks community.

Rebuilding – by the numbers

As of June 27, a total of 82 building permits are being processed for fire-damaged parcels located in Bennett Valley, Glen Ellen and Kenwood. Countywide, 444 building permits are being processed, with 286 issued.

Single-family dwellings

Glen Ellen – 23

Kenwood – 20

Bennett Valley – 21

Accessory Dwelling Units

Glen Ellen – 3

Kenwood – 6

Bennett Valley – 2

Other (bridges, mobile homes)

Glen Ellen – 3

Kenwood – 1

Bennett Valley – 0

An estimated 140 residences burned in Kenwood, 183 in Glen Ellen, three in Eldridge, and 48 in the Mayacamas area. Visit Permit Sonoma’s interactive rebuilding map at