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Letters to the Editor: 09/15/2018

Letters to the Editor Sept. 15, 2018

No on Proposition 6

Dear Editor,

Proposition 6 has us heading in the wrong direction. Look around you and it is obvious that much of our infrastructure is in a shambles, including our transportation systems. We have not had any real state gas tax increases (not indexed for inflation) since the 1990s. In the meantime, we have experienced tremendous growth, aging, inflation and wear and tear on our facilities.

California has 1,600 bridges and overpasses that have deteriorated to the point of no longer being safe. Look at the bridge in Italy that recently collapsed partly due to poor maintenance.

Our roads closely resemble those in third world countries. You cannot get something for nothing! Not enough money to properly take care of them. We do not seem to think much if our gas prices increase several cents per gallon (which is what the gas tax costs), but for some reason, if it is not for the petroleum companies, it is not OK. The “no tax” people are convinced it just is that the money is being used poorly. They are wrong! Proposition 6 assures that gas taxes are not diverted to non-transportation purposes. Vote NO on Proposition 6.

Joe Lieber