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Letters to the Editor: 11/01/2018

Letters to the Editor Nov. 1, 2018

Support Measure T

Dear Editor,

I am writing to encourage our neighbors to vote for SAFETY, for INCREASED SECURITY, and for the CONTINUED PRESENCE of first-class emergency services in Glen Ellen.

Nobody likes taxes. But we believe that every property owner has an obligation to support all emergency services in their community, along with taking responsibility for improving their own personal preparedness.

In “normal” times, it gives us great comfort to know that, heaven forbid something bad should happen to one of us, our local, neighborhood fire-rescue team will be there for us.

I have been a recipient of the fast response and compassionate care provided by the Glen Ellen Fire District firefighter-paramedics.

While you don’t really want to think about your friends rescuing you when you’re covered in dirt and wrapped in a towel – it’s wonderful to know they will be there when you need them.

As a hospitality professional, I know how often emergency medical assistance is needed by visitors to Glen Ellen. And I have personally seen and heard countless expressions of gratitude and awe for the immediate and fabulous care these guests received from our neighborhood fire departments. As a host, I am extremely thankful for these services for our guests, provided by thoughtful, thorough, caring local responders.

All too recently we experienced first-hand the skill, bravery and resourcefulness of our neighborhood firefighters. Our hearts go out to all our friends and neighbors who, along with us, lost homes, property and beloved pets in last fall’s firestorm. But I cannot fathom the depth of feeling our firefighters endure knowing they could not save every home. Including their own. Because of their superhuman efforts, skill, and the enhanced service in place because of the new contract with SVFRA, our community was able to survive and begin to recover.

While taxation always feels burdensome, what is the alternative? Reduced, or no neighborhood emergency services? Reduced capability?

Life-threatening delays in response to medical and other emergencies? Not an option.

Nobody will do this for us. It’s our responsibility to help fund secure services. Our willingness to step up and make fire services better distinguishes us from homogenized and silo’d city dwellers.

We are a community of do-ers. We should not expect others to do for us without reciprocity.

“Government” cannot squeeze blood from a stone.

We choose to live here. Please choose to help secure sustainable, neighborhood emergency response.

Support Measure T, and help the Glen Ellen Fire District continue to provide the services we need to live in safety and security.

Julie & Tom Atwood
Glen Ellen