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Letters to the Editor: 01/15/2019

Letters to the Editor Jan. 15, 2019

State Parks passes for dogs?

Dear Editor,

Itís no news that our state parks are in need of funding to sustain them. I have an idea that would bring in new revenue. As a dog owner and avid hiker, I find it hard to hike with my dogs in local parks. Locally, Hood Mountain Regional is the only park where dogs are allowed on leash. Annadel and Sugarloaf State Parks are off limits to dogs, even on leash. Let me suggest a dog pass issued yearly, say a fee of $100 for an example; the dog wears a state park pass-tag to be allowed and the dog owner is registered and responsible for dogs on leash. I think many dog owners would jump at this opportunity to walk with their dogs in our local state parks, and the parks get another source of income. Letís get this idea rolling!

Susan Campbell

Oakmont should hire project management firm

Dear Editor,

I agree with Michael Connollyís article in the Kenwood Press (Dec. 15, 2018) that a lot of the cost overruns at the East [Rec] Center remodel should have been anticipated.

As a past project manager for the County of Sonoma I would have been fired if all my projects had overruns of 50 percent to 100 percent of the original estimate. I suggest that the OVA should hire a project management firm to oversee all projects of $50,000 or more.

As soon as possible they should put out a RFQ (request for qualifications) and interview firms for a three-year period of representing the OVA as its project managers. Their scope would be to review project plans before bidding, handle the bidding process and review the bids.

During construction they would be the lead contact for overruns and would provide recommendations to the board. Having an independent project manager would save the board its cost by managing the cost overruns. Having the construction company be its own project manager only fuels the cost overruns. There are a number of past construction managers that I am sure would assist the board in the hiring process of a project management firm to help save us all the costs of all these overruns. I shudder to think what the cost overruns will be for a $190,000 dog park.

John Hubiak