The Kenwood Press
News: 04/01/2019

Civil Grand Jury applicants sought

The Sonoma County Superior Court is now accepting applications for the 2019-20 Civil Grand Jury. Rewards for Grand Jury service come from increased knowledge of local government and the satisfaction of making a worthwhile contribution to the improvement of your local government operations.

Would you make a good grand juror? Are you interested in trying to increase the efficiency of local government, save taxpayers’ dollars, and improve services? Are you a good listener? Can you cooperate with 18 others to reach a common goal? Can you keep a secret? (All your work must be kept confidential.) Are you able to commit to one full of year of service? Can you ask meaningful questions, review confidential documents and help write reports? Can you attend at least four daytime meetings each month? Can you give eight to 16 hours per week to the Grand Jury?

If you are interested, find an application online at, or send a request with a self-addressed envelope to: Sonoma County Superior Court, Attn: Court Administration, Room 106-J, 600 Administration Dr., Santa Rosa, CA 95403.

For more information call 521-6501. Applications are due by April 12.