The Kenwood Press
News: 04/01/2019

Hood Mountain Regional Park expands with latest acquisition

On March 19, the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors approved a donation of approximately 41.7 acres of undeveloped land along Santa Rosa Creek from the nonprofit Sonoma Land Trust (SLT) to the Sonoma County Regional Parks Department, as an addition to Hood Mountain Regional Park and Open Space Preserve.

Known as the “Mix Property,” it will have access only from the existing park and will serve as a buffer from the expanding development along Los Alamos Road and Cougar Lane. SLT acquired the Mix Property in 2018 and offered to donate the land to Regional Parks at no cost. The addition of the Mix Property will protect significant natural resources, including one of the few redwood stands in the Upper Santa Rosa Creek watershed and high-quality steelhead spawning habitat. Regional Parks will be responsible for paying the premium for a title insurance policy, estimated at $550, and for a boundary survey and placement of signage, together estimated at $16,000. Given the steep topography and its location, this acquisition is not anticipated to support new recreational development in the foreseeable future, but will protect and buffer existing trails, natural resources, and the wilderness experience provided at the park. No significant new additional management costs are anticipated to result from the acquisition.

“This project is the latest example of our goal to permanently conserve properties in the Sonoma Valley Wildlife Corridor, as well as protect an important stretch of Santa Rosa Creek and one of the last known stands of redwoods in the upper watershed,” said Sonoma Land Trust in a statement.