The Kenwood Press
Letters to the Editor: 05/01/2019

Letters to the Editor May 1, 2019

Dear Editor,

Thank you for the Business Beat article about Marshall’s Auto Repair. In my opinion, the two essential businesses in our community are Marshall’s and the Kenwood Press. For 48 years, three generations of Marshalls have kept our vehicles running. Not having to go to Auto Row, wait for a shuttle, and pay twice the price is a blessing. No disrespect to the other great stores, restaurants, and businesses in our town, but Marshall’s provides a critical neighborhood lifeline with their honesty, convenience, and fair prices. And of course the Kenwood Press is our only reliable source for local news and the glue that holds us together. Both are unique and they add to the high quality of our small-town life. We are fortunate to have them. Thank you Joe, Steve, and Zack Marshall… and the Kenwood Press!

Bill Myers