The Kenwood Press
: 08/15/2019

Six steps to get the job done already!

Donna Colfer

I was talking with a woman the other day and she told me, “I always need a goal to achieve; I focus on the task until it's accomplished and then move to the next one.” I thought to myself, now that girl has her Warrior boots on! I learned as we continued to talk that although a bit over-driven, she was raised by an overly emotional mother who displayed irrational behavior with money, often making life “feel” unsafe. So in this case, instead of becoming like her mother, she developed an opposite approach, or what I call reactionary patterns around money to feel safe. She uses focus and discipline, not her emotions, to accomplish her goals.

The “Warrior” money type is the action archetype, disciplined and goal-oriented. This is what's needed to manifest our dreams, wants, and desires in the world. It doesn't act alone. Ideally it's preceded by an intention or vision of what we actually want to happen. That's important to remember, because without the vision you may be disappointed with what actually manifests! Clarity about the financial direction you're taking - whether it's changing careers, deciding on a purchase, or solving a problem - is not only necessary but powerful to manifest certain results.

When Warriors become confused or don't know how to proceed, they always ask for help. They'll listen to advisors then make their own decisions by relying on their instincts and resources for guidance. A good example is King Arthur and his round table of advisors: as a leader, he never went into battle alone. He reached a consensus of what was best for all then carried it out. This is what I mean by first achieving clarity about your direction.

There has been a “new” Warrior emerging since 2008, one that is not only competitive but more collaborative, especially as businesses change and restructure. Their willingness to share wisdom and generosity comes naturally and so does their tendency to rescue others because they can. With this level of confidence and decision-making ability they're often driven “to get the job done already!”

So what are their greatest fears? Being dependent on others, and loss of power. They love their independence. That's what keeps them motivated, calculating, and yes, financially successful. But there's another side to this coin, and that's the Warrior's tendency to confuse the difference between an adversary and a worthy opponent. A worthy opponent can look like the person with whom you have the greatest conflict, when in fact, the conflict is an opportunity for growth that the Warrior didn't recognize. When Warriors step back and recognize the lesson “opponents” have to teach, and that their presence is worthy of Warriors' attention, they realize that “opponents” have indeed served them well. In other words, the new Warriors know when to pick up their swords and when and why to lay them down.

If you need more Warrior in your life (and I don't mean dating one), here are action steps to kick it up a notch:

o Create a new intention or vision for your life - and do something every day to create it.

o Pay attention to how you're spending your time - it's one of your most valuable assets.

o Get support - you don't need to do it alone!

o Be financially proactive - you'll relieve anxiety almost instantly.

o Stay involved in your community - new social and business opportunities will naturally present themselves.

o Practice gratitude daily - at the end of each day think of three things you were grateful for, one of which is about your work.

In future articles I'll continue to explain the eight Money Types and their key healings. Remember: these Money Types aren't meant to label you. They are not your personality or “who you are.” They simply indicate your behavior around money, and they can change through awareness and action.