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Letters to the Editor: 10/15/2019

Letters to the Editor October 15, 2019

Letter to California State Park Rangers Association

I am among the thousands of Sonoma Valley residents and other park users who strongly supported Funky Fridays at the Sugarloaf location and Transcendence Theatre at Jack London. They have been fantastic for both parks, lending strong financial support when the parks were severely neglected by the state and certainly are very positive in attracting people to the parks and helping to lead to improvements that have very positively impacted the parks which now are in much better shape than before 2008. I canít believe an organization of Park Rangers that I would think would support our local parks would attack events and organizations that have been on the forefront of park support and improvement, as well as attracting tens of thousands of people that support the parks, the organizations and events. Get your head out of the sand and let the current organizations that run the parks and these great events that support the parks continue to do that.


Bill Ostrander