The Kenwood Press
Guest Editor: 11/15/2019

Marijuana dispensary update

By David Scott, Sonoma’s Finest 2.0

On Aug. 21, 2019, Sonoma’s Finest 2.0 hosted a community open house to discuss and present their application to operate a cannabis dispensary in the Kenwood Village at 8910 Sonoma Hwy.

At the time we promised to follow up with the community and individuals, providing updates to the project as we continued toward approval of our permit. We’re grateful to the Kenwood Press for facilitating the opportunity to provide this update to the community.

The recent open house Q&A event drew the attendance of over 30 neighborhood residents and businesses; many had questions and comments. Any questions we were unable to answer at that time we hope to address through this update or directly to those individuals. Many attendees praised Sonoma’s Finest 2.0 for our proactive outreach and neighborly position toward including the community in our project. Some questions were asked about the impact on parking in the Kenwood shopping center. Although our professional studies indicate there would be a minimal impact on parking availability, we’ve taken the initiative to create a potential solution.

One potential change to our application is that we may wish to include delivery of cannabis to our operating plan. This would allow customers to order their products over the phone and our trained professional delivery drivers would take the purchased products directly to the home of the customer. This would impact the community by reducing traffic to the Kenwood shopping center through providing delivery options to our customers. If we indeed move forward on delivery options, we will be utilizing a point of sale system that memorizes repeat orders that can quickly be delivered to homes nearby and we will encourage our customers to use that system.

At Sonoma’s Finest 2.0 we’re proactively seeking feedback from the public on our proposal and encourage the community and our neighbors to reach out to us. So far, based on numerous conversations from our door-to-door neighborhood canvassing initiative, and the many letters of support that have been submitted, it is evident that a large portion of the Kenwood community is enthusiastic about our proposed responsible cannabis dispensary. We look forward to their continued support, as well as our ongoing outreach to ensure our community has every opportunity to provide their input on this project.

Sonoma’s Finest 2.0 is a group of seasoned retail entrepreneurs and cannabis industry experts. As always, we’re excited to open a dispensary showcasing Sonoma County’s premier cannabis products and encourage any members of the public to contact us directly with any questions, comments, or concerns.

We can be reached at