The Kenwood Press
News: 06/15/2020

Living with bears webinar

On June 24 at 7 p.m., join the webinar, “Being with Bears: Learning the Bear Necessities.” Meghan Walla-Murphy of the North Bay Bear Collective, will present.

The return of bears to Sonoma County confirms that the work being done to link large-scale habitats, as well as the restoration efforts aimed at promoting biodiversity, is "bearing" fruit.

In late May a bear was sighted near Cavedale and Moon Mt. Road in the Mayacamas and across the Valley at Jack London State Park and around Grove Street in Sonoma. The bear has been seen rooting around trash and approaching buildings.

Over the past few years, bears have moved into the Mayacamas, and are now becoming a regular neighbor of our wildlands. And they are more visible in this season, (May, June, July) when juvenile bears disperse. This means that young bears move away from their mothers and seek their own home range. That is most likely what the Cavedale bear is up to, looking for a safe place to set up shelter. But occasionally when they're wandering to find a new home, they get mixed up with all of our human garbage and see them as food resources.

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