The Kenwood Press
Letters to the Editor: 08/01/2020

Come together

Dear Editor,

In the age of COVID, when sadness, even depression, is widespread and hope suffers, I submit that there is a cure of sorts that is available to all of us. Itís a simple thing called a hug.

Most of us have exercised our inalienable right to the hug, which is endemic to us as a species. The history of the hug goes back to Darwinian times and is practiced today in all primates, including us.†

The hug is expressed for a lot of things: love, joy, a balm for sorrow, friendship, celebration, hellos, goodbyes, and more.†

We are now severely limited in how we can enjoy hugs. It seems that the only way we can get one today is with a close family member. But that should be enough if we remember that with each hug we can bring back the joy of all those other hugs we enjoyed in the past with family of all kinds ó friends, colleagues, neighbors, even past adversaries or enemies. It helps us remember the joy we shared with all of these.

So when you hug the only one you can, remember all of these past wonderful feelings with others that are six feet out of reach now.

I remember.

Ken Heinzel