The Kenwood Press
: 08/01/2020

Take a breath, model patience

Shannon Lee

Most of us haven't been out too much, definitely less commuting and running of single errands. When you do drive, have you noticed that folks seem to have forgotten how to drive? A bit too fast, a tad more distracted, rolling through or skipping stop signs? I admit that I have felt rusty, unfocused, and like I'm having culture shock when I've been behind the wheel. And now we are in the time of year (even in this strange year) where more out-of-towners are here. The other day a friend said, "perhaps if all us locals were more mindful and modeled the driving behavior we'd like to see, even 60 percent of the time, it would bring others along including our tourists." That's great advice. I definitely pledge to be more awake and aware from now on.

Sad news, not unexpected...

The Glen Ellen Fair Association has officially announced a postponement of the fair. The annual Glen Ellen Village Fair typically happens each year on the second Sunday of October. This year's theme was designated as ‘The Good Ol' Days' and the Grand Marshal, Rick Dunham, was already selected. Both of those choices will be delayed until the fair mounts again. Large gatherings (even outdoors) are not currently permitted by the County/State at this time and even if something changes with great improvement between now and early October, that doesn't give the Fair folks enough time to scramble everything into place. So they, with great sadness, pulled the plug until further notice.

However, the quilt will still be raffled off as planned on the originally scheduled date of the fair - Oct. 11. It will be done live via online video meeting. So, please support this non-profit's main mission of giving back to the community by buying your raffle tickets as you would normally do for the fair each year. Tickets can be purchased by mail. Checks should be made out to Glen Ellen Fair Association and sent to P.O. Box 96, Glen Ellen, CA 95442. Raffle prices are $5 for three tickets, $10 for seven tickets, and $20 for 15 tickets. Specify your name and contact phone number so that the tickets can be filled out appropriately. Raffle donations go back into the community. Please email for information.

Some tidbits of good news

At long last the rumored new restaurant at Jack London Village will soon be opening! The Mill is the creation of Sanjeev K. Singh (Saddles Steakhouse) and Dana Jaffe (Saddles/Sonoma Golf Course). They will first open for online orders and pick up with the option of taking the food straight out to the peaceful patio deck. Looks like a great menu is shaping up, including many vegetarian/vegan offerings.

Glen Ellen's Jane K. Coneybeer made Scholastic Honor Roll for Spring term 2020 at Oregon State University. Jane is a junior in the Agricultural Business Management program at OSU. This is a good time to remind readers that we love to hear about the accomplishments of youth, young adults, and adults in our community. More good news, please.

The buzz from around the bend

Have you noticed the sign designating the northern SDC truss bridge officially as the Jim Berkland Bridge? A long time in the making, the Glen Ellen Historical Society, together with other town nonprofits and individual voices, was able to convince the county to make this important commemoration happen. This is special, seeing as Sonoma County doesn't make a habit of naming bridges. Don't know who Jim Berkland was? Take a moment to Internet search his name. Along with his professional and international renown, he was known locally as a beloved story-teller, poet, and friend.

The projects committee of the Glen Ellen Forum has been hard at work again with community improvements. This time they took to refurbishing the wooden bus stop benches that they helped place throughout our town.

The Forum's next monthly meeting will be held via ZOOM on Monday Aug. 3, 6:30 p.m. One of the main topics of this meeting will be preparing for the upcoming season of potential Public Safety Power Shutoffs (PSPS). The forum's steering committee would like to highlight and thank the community for their incredible commitment to attending these virtual meetings during this strange time. To have 45+ participants consistently log in for each meeting, including new faces, has just been an incredible testament to the sense of community we have here in Glen Ellen. The link to register for the meeting can be found at and will be promoted on the Facebook page. To stay up to date with the happenings, request to join the email mailing list at