The Kenwood Press
News: 11/01/2014

Major construction will close Bennett Valley Road

A 2.5-mile portion of Bennett Valley Road between Old Bennett Ridge Road and Warm Springs Road will be undergoing pavement reconstruction, tentatively scheduled for early November.

This is a major construction activity and traffic will be disrupted particularly during the grinding and mixing operation. The hours of operation will be between 8 a.m. and 7 p.m. During these working hours, Bennett Valley Road will be closed to through traffic. Local access will be maintained, but there will be significant time delays. No bicycle or pedestrian access will be permitted during construction hours. The corridor will be open after working hours and on weekends.

This is part of the ongoing pavement preservation program approved and funded by the County Board of Supervisors. The process is called “full-depth reclamation” (FDR). It is a recycling method, whereby the entire asphalt pavement and a defined amount of the underlying materials are ground-up and treated, to produce a stabilized base course. The stabilizing agent may be cement, lime, or an asphalt emulsion that is mixed with the pulverized material. Generally, the depth of grinding and mixing extends about 12 inches, but due to the locations of underground utilities, the depth may vary in places. The “train” of equipment moves along covering about one mile each day. Once the prepared stabilized base has cured, an asphalt overlay will be applied. The finished product will essentially be a new road that county public works officials say will give 25 years or more of good service before any additional significant pavement work will be needed.

The size of the FDR construction equipment is very large, which does not leave enough room for the safe passage of vehicles. It is advisable to find alternate routes of travel. It is anticipated that the project will take about three weeks. When the road is open and the surface is not yet paved, motorists are advised to proceed slowly and to use caution. The surface could be slippery. Pedestrians and cyclists will not be restricted after hours or on weekends, but the unpaved surface will not be very accommodating, particularly to bicycles.

This road work is dependent on weather conditions and temperature.

For more information, call the County of Sonoma Public Works Construction Office at 565-2231, or the contractor, Ghilotti Construction, at 585-1221.