The Kenwood Press
: 02/15/2015

Village Chat

Lauren and Will Darr with baby Paxton June
Congratulations to Lauren and Will Darr on the birth of their daughter Paxton June. She was born on Jan. 24 in Nevada City, weighing 7 lbs., 3.5 oz. and 19 inches long. Lauren is the daughter of delighted new grandparents Pat and Frank Alexander of Kenwood. Lauren and Will live in Gardnerville, Nevada. Pat said that Paxton was a few weeks early and Lauren's early and quick labor caught Will at work (he's a paramedic/firefighter for Tahoe Douglas Fire Department). He made it just in time for coaching and delivery of his beautiful baby girl. Pat and Frank are more than willing to make the 3 _-hour drive to see their granddaughter and her adorable dimples. As Pat says, “This grandparent thing is great!!!!”

Anabella Marie Bauer at Christmas.
2014 brought big changes for the Bauer Family - Scott and Lisa, Justin and Amanda, Garrett and Logan. Scott retired from Chateau St. Jean where he'd been vineyard manager and he and Lisa purchased VinePro Vineyard Management and moved to Geyserville. Lisa says, “The business is going great and we are so lucky to be working with such wonderful people within the VinePro family. We miss all of our Kenwood Family and it's been quite an adjustment, but all is good and we are enjoying life's new adventure.” And it's not only the move and the business, but the newest addition to the family - their granddaughter Anabella Marie, Justin and Amanda's daughter, was born on Aug. 25. What a cutie. Congratulations! And for those of you lucky enough to have boarded your dogs with Lisa, she says she really misses all her Sonoma Valley dogs and their owners, too.

Speaking of big changes, Alisha Meserve has been living in Denver for the past several years (she's a University of Colorado at Boulder grad), but she's about to make a big move to North Carolina to attend Duke University School of Medicine's Physician Assistant (PA) program. This is one of the top PA programs in the country and has been around for 50 years now. Alisha's father John Meserve lives in Kenwood, and by the way, all these young people in Village Chat today, Lauren, the Bauer boys and Alisha, are homegrown Kenwoodians. I love seeing what they do as they grow up.

Jan and Roger Goeller on Easter Island on Christmas Day.
Jan and Roger Goeller of Wild Oak Villages spent the holidays sailing nearly 5,000 miles in the South Pacific. On Christmas Day they took time to read their Kenwood Press while visiting the moai, those monolithic human figures carved by the Rapa Nui people on Easter Island. Rapa Nui (the island's Polynesian name) was renamed by the Dutch explorers who landed there on Easter Sunday of 1722. Easter Island, 2,300 miles off the west coast of Chile, is the world's most isolated inhabited island, and it is also one of the most mystifying places on Earth.

Pam and Doug Schrock in the Galapagos last May.
Back in May of 2014, Pam and Doug Schrock took a trip to Ecuador, including the Galapagos Islands, and just sent in a few pictures, including this one of nesting frigate birds. Look at how puffed up that guy is! Pam and Doug were impressed with what a diverse country Ecuador is.

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