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Letters to the Editor: 03/15/2016

Letters to the Editor

A vote for Oakmont’s future

Dear Editor,

Oakmont residents have an opportunity to right a ship that has been steering off course for some time now. While certain special interest groups would have you believe that a small and troubled group have brought dissension to life here in Oakmont, the truth is that a growing number of concerned residents have become more and more unhappy with a Board who lacks transparency, lacks accountability, spends recklessly and fails to set priorities for projects that serve the greater good.

Hope is not lost. Residents have before them the chance to elect new board members who possess the qualities that we should all be looking for in those who represent and carry out the duties for which they are elected. As we learned at the Candidates Night, three such people are Ellen Leznik, Gloria Young and Harriet Palk. These three individuals serve no one group but are interested in seeing that all residents are treated fairly and equally, and in the process that Oakmont will remain a desirable and economically feasible place for retirees to move to and live.

Ellen, Gloria and Harriet believe in long-range planning, in considering the economic needs of all of Oakmont, in setting priorities and in carrying out the fiduciary responsibility of the positions they seek on Oakmont’s Board of Directors.

If you care about Oakmont and the well being of your fellow neighbors of all ages, you will join me in casting your vote for these three individuals and in doing so casting your vote for a better tomorrow for Oakmont.

Carolyn Bettencourt

Oakmont Resident

Recommendations for OVA Board

Dear Editor,

I have attended the majority of the OVA Board meetings and workshops in the past year and have watched Andie Altman in her OVA Vice President role. I have found her to be experienced, smart, and to have common sense. I am voting for her for another term on the OVA board. I am also voting for Tom Samarti and Karen Krestensen with whom I was very impressed with their statements and answers at the recent Candidates Forum.

Oakmont residents: Remember to fill out your election ballot and mail or deliver it to the OVA Office before 2 p.m. on Monday, April 4, 2016.

Suzanne Cassell