The Kenwood Press
News: 05/01/2017

Santa Rosa eyes Oakmont treatment plant for emergency groundwater

The City of Santa Rosa is finalizing plans to evaluate the site conditions at the defunct wastewater treatment plant in Oakmont, and a newly acquired site on Speers Road in Santa Rosa, to determine if an emergency supply well can be supported. Investigative boreholes will be drilled to help evaluate the viability of installing emergency wells or monitoring wells at those locations.

Many residents in the city of Santa Rosa (including Oakmont) get most of their water from the Sonoma County Water Agency. In the event of an emergency or disconnection to the Sonoma County Water Agency (SCWA) aqueduct, the water provided by the emergency wells would help support Santa Rosa water customers, such as hospitals, schools, nursing facilities, homes and businesses. The emergency well would be operated up to 15 days per year, which would allow for repairs to reconnect to the SCWA Aqueduct.

The city maintains a total of six municipal groundwater wells within the Santa Rosa Plain Sub-basin of the Santa Rosa Valley groundwater basin. Two of the six wells provide the city with approximately 1.2 million gallons per day (mgd) of groundwater capacity on a stand-by emergency basis. Since the mid-1990s, Santa Rosa has had a Capital Improvement Program for the development of the city’s groundwater resources to provide an additional 12.0 mgd emergency groundwater supply suitable for potable use.

The need for these projects was identified in the 2013 Groundwater Master Plan. Currently in the event of an emergency, the city would not be able to meet the city’s health and safety demands for water.

The Oakmont wastewater treatment plant was a satellite treatment facility that was operated during summer months to provide recycled water to the Oakmont Golf Course. In 2010, Santa Rosa determined that it was not economically feasible to continue to operate the Oakmont plant, and instead all wastewater is now treated at the Laguna Treatment Plant.

There will be a public open house discussing the two proposed wells on Monday, May 3, 6-8 p.m., at Whited Elementary School, located at 4995 Sonoma Hwy. in Santa Rosa.

This work is being implemented under the Groundwater Master Plan. For more information, go to the Santa Rosa Water’s Groundwater website at