The Kenwood Press
: 02/15/2018

Village Chat Feb. 15, 2018

a table loaded with crab
All that crab doesn’t crack itself. It had a lot of help from (L. to R.) Matt Clawson, Eli Peck, Daren Bellach, Jake Peck, Sue Infante, Dave McKay and Bob Uboldi.
The Kenwood Firemen's Association Crab Feed last Saturday was a great time, as always. This year, the KFA did not have any raffle prizes or other fundraiser. They said that people have been so generous lately they didn't want to ask anyone for anything else. Of course there were other things to spend money on, like delicious BBQ'd oysters, and beer and wine. We saw former Kenwoodian Teresa Reiss, who lives in Hawaii but was visiting all her kids and grandkids here on the mainland. Also there was Lesley Wise, down from Portland for a visit. The crab was delicious and abundant. I had to throw all my clothes in the wash when I got home so the cats wouldn't attack me!

Last month Jane Witkowski sent the following note and picture:

“When [on a] break from the emotional process of sifting through the remains of our property I pulled the Kenwood Press out from the car and sat in the sun for a moment. My husband and I got the giggles about the idea of taking a picture of me in front of the house with the Kenwood Press. Sometimes you have to stop crying and just have a good laugh.”

a sign thanking fire fighters floats in the creek
Jane Witkowski taking a break
Don't we all! I love Jane and Mike's spirit. She said that while searching the rubble of their O'Donnell Lane house of 43 years, she found a 3-inch-tall porcelain figurine that was given to her grandmother when her dad was born in 1923. It still had all it's fingers and toes. She also found a teacup from her wedding china, and a Hummel angel that still had her wings. The lot is now cleared, and yes, they will rebuild.

Thoughts of hope and love and thankfulness are still palpable in the air, and sometimes in the creek. Arthur Dawson snapped this picture from the Glen Ellen Bridge on Jan. 22.

a sign thanking fire fighters floats in the creek

The Kenwood School sixth grade class usually goes to the Marin Headlands in October for their week of Outdoor Education. The Spaghetti Feed last September was the final big fundraiser making it all possible. But you know what happened next… So the class finally had their trip the week of Feb. 5-9, which, if you remember, was an absolutely glorious sunny week all over the Bay Area. Their teacher, Sheila Morrissey, said she was proud of their stamina on the hikes and that they really had a great time.

And speaking of Kenwood School, mark your calendar for May 12, the Kenwood Education Foundation's annual party/fundraiser, Lights, Camera, Auction! This year's theme is the very appropriate, “Hello, Kenwood!” As the song says, “It's so nice to have you back where you belong. You're lookin' swell, Kenwood. I can tell, Kenwood, you're still glowin', you're still crowin', you're still goin' STRONG!” Early bird tickets are $75 up until April 15, so go online and order yours today. After that, they're $100 per person. Go to The party will be at Kenwood Farms & Garden, May 12, 4:30-10 p.m.

St. Patrick's Episcopal Church is hosting another Oakmont gathering for people interested in finding out more about the church and meeting the new rector, Doyle Dietz Allen. It's from 3 to 5 p.m. at Susan Boak's house. Call the church at 833-4228 for more information and to RSVP.

group of people smile in jackets
From left, with Loch Tummel in the background: Austie Salas, Frazer Bayley, Shona Burns, Karl Mutch, Yan Liu and Joe Erickson
Austie Salas and his partner Joe Erickson met up with some of their Kenwood neighbors in Scotland for the New Year's holiday (known as “Hogmanay”). Shona Burns, who is from Scotland originally, organized the trip, along with her husband Karl Mutch, her son Frazer Bayley, and friend Yan Liu. They all met in Edinburgh and drove up to the Highlands, staying at a house on Loch Tummel. Austie said the highlight was going into the nearby village, Pitlochry, for lots of drinking and dancing in the streets on New Year's Day. He said, “It was so fun despite the cold, wet weather!”

That's all for now. Thank you to everyone who sent in news and photos. It's easy to do - just email, or call 833-5155 and chat me up! - AQP