The Kenwood Press
News: 05/15/2018

Not something you see every day...

kids watching balloon fill on kenwood soccer field
On May 2, Kenwood School students got a treat at lunchtime – an up-close and personal look at a colorful hot air balloon being inflated. Preschool teacher Jill Dawson gave a call to Napa Valley Balloons, who brought over a pilot and crew. “They were gracious, gave us a wonderful deal, the pilots were friendly, and the capricious breezes certainly gave us an interesting spectacle,” said Dawson. No, no one got to ride in it, but the kids were awed by the process and how large the balloon was once it was completely inflated. A number of neighbors came by to enjoy the show. The event was funded by the Kenwood Education Foundation. Photo by Alec Peters.